My opinion of Jeh Johnson

Jeh Johnson.

Jeh Johnson.

This guy is Jeh Johnson. If President Obama — who I very much like and generally think is right and has good judgment about things — get his way, then Jeh Johnson will be the secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security.

Boy. That would make Jeh Johnson a really important person when it comes to immigration policy, wouldn’t it?

I have never met or worked for Jeh Johnson.

However, according to Wikipedia, Jeh Johnson is a lawyer who seems to have really good credentials that would lead us to believe confidently he is quite intelligent. He seems like a really successful guy who has worked for other people I like. Most recently, he was the general counsel for the US Department of Defense, where he probably dealt with a lot of important issues regarding people who work for the government and have guns (just like some of the people at DHS).

After I googled him, I realized that I had in fact heard of Jeh Johnson before, twice or three times. I did not remember this before I googled him.

Which, of course, says more about me and my concerns than about Jeh Johnson. As Wikipedia also points out, his Department of Defense general counsel gig is only the latest in a series of important jobs he has had.

If President Obama gets to give Jeh Johnson the job he wants Jeh Johnson to have, then Jeh Johnson will be the replacement for the person I used to write speeches for, who used to be in that job. Yesterday, I wanted to have a well-formed opinion about Jeh Johnson. I tweeted something about him that seemed like I was talking about Jeh Johnson, when it really was actually about the other people who have done the job he might get to do:

This has been my opinion about Jeh Johnson.


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