I’m Mike Slaven, writing here about the current immigration reform push and related things. I’m currently a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, researching security politics and immigration with the supervision of Andrew Neal and Christina Boswell. I used to be a speechwriter for Janet Napolitano when she was Governor of Arizona and Secretary of Homeland Security. Before I started my doctorate I was at the University of Edinburgh as a Fulbright scholar, doing a research project on the impact of public opinion on labor immigration policy in the UK. I’ve done some things relatively recently with the Morrison Institute at Arizona State University. What else? I’m 28, an Arizona native, and wore a kilt once. Email me at mcslaven@gmail.com. Visit my University of Edinburgh page or my personal website, if you’d like. Twitter @mcslaven. Here is a photo of me that is by now several years old, in the catacombs of Capitol Hill Books in Washington.



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